Your weekend "To Do" list is getting longer...

Congratulations, video artists! Your day of fame has arrived! Bring your granny, your parents and friends to the screening of the fourth annual 24 Hour Video Race this Thursday, Feb. 19 at Philbrook Museum of Art, 2727 S. Rockford Road.

Doors open at 5pm with a cash bar and the opportunity to view last year's winning entries and the current photography exhibit "Seeing Ourselves" at Philbrook. The official 2009 screening will start promptly at 6pm. Space in the auditorium is limited, but we have arranged for additional simulcast seating downstairs.
It is possible that the screening could last until 9pm.

After the screening, the judges will confer briefly while everyone heads to Living Arts, 308 S. Kenosha, for the afterparty and awards presentation! The 37 videos will be shown in the following order:
4 student videos
12 Videophile videos
2 Animation videos
4 Experimental videos
15 College videos


There's plenty more to keep you occupied, including productions of Romeo and Juliet, Educating Rita and Hansel and Gretel. Check this week's UTW column for more on all of those, and keep coming back for updates.

Next week, I'll have reviews of all three stage productions, as well of reviews of exhibits at Loose Leaf Co. and The Collective and tons of info on New Genre.