I Love You, I Lust You

One of the things I love (lust?) about Living ArtSpace is its commitment to exploring and promoting cutting edge contemporary art of all genres. When I started writing in high school poetry was my thing. Unlike fiction, poetry came very naturally to me. And while I haven't written poetry in quite some time, I'm still inspired when I read or hear some truly provocative poetry.

I love the freedom of spoken word, and it sort of reminds me of a company I belonged to in high school, called Playwrights in Players, in which, twice a year, we'd write, direct and perform our own original work, usually compilations of poetry, fiction and non-fiction loosely based on a very non-specific theme. Living Arts hosts a poetry/spoken word event that takes me back to a more prolific time in my life and inspires me to pick up the pen more often.

Tomorrow night, the spoken word event is centered around matters of the heart -- and the libido. Spoken word committee chair Tony B has curated an evening of spoken word artists whose work is likely to make you feel a little tingly all over as it explores the themes of love and lust.

The Wichita- and Tulsa-based poets of Love and Lust include Brook, Maid Mary, Mia, Tony Henley, Knowledge, Written, Claire Collins, Tracy Townsend, Debra Hunter, Miko, Bill Z, Phil Boswell, Dorea, Tony B, Anissia, Lauren, Confidence and Nan Payne.

"Love and Lust: Erotic Love Poetry" is tomorrow night at Living Arts, 308 S. Kenosha, at 8 p.m. Tickets are just $7, $5 for members.