Hey, you guys!

So, I have this friend Tasha, and she has an affinity for doing Tulsa. She even has a blog where she records her experiences doing Tulsa. She's pretty cool.

As it turns out, my friend Tasha also likes art. And since her blog is all about dispelling the myth that there's nothing to do in Tulsa (I am so on board with her mission), she decided to take on the arts in Tulsa. And she asked if I'd like to help. Because, believe it or not, there are still quite a few people who have no idea that this city is home to world-renowned ballet and opera companies, to exquisite art museums, to fantastically talented artists and to a plethora of active theatre companies. Well, if they didn't know all of that, they should now.

So Tasha and I decided to let people know about some of the art goings on this weekend, since this weekend happens to be chock full of art goings on. And, as a bonus, Whitson Hanna, director of Theatre Tulsa's production of Educating Rita, gave us two tickets to tonight's performance to give away on Tasha's blog. So, click here and enter to win. You have until 2 p.m. Do it.