Review: Minors' Major Works

This exhibit, featuring work by Greeley, Grissom, Kendall-Whittier, Mark Twain, Patrick Henry and Zarrow International elementary students, opened at Tulsa Artists' Coalition Gallery Friday, Feb. 6. The exhibit includes selected works created in the classroom and is curated by local artist and teacher Steve Tomlin.

I'm not sure how you can criticize a kid's artwork. The exciting thing about the exhibit is that it proves that, though rare, there are a few schools left in the city that are still teaching the arts. The small gallery was crowded with kids and their families who were so excited to see their work hanging in an actual art gallery. The energy was palpable. It's the kind of experience that will (hopefully) stay with a kid for a long time and maybe even encourage him or her to continue to explore the arts as he/she grows older.

Some of the work, which consists of drawings, paintings, yarn work and other mixed-media projects, were obvious reproductions, but a lot of it was highly imaginative and creative. There's some definite talent among those kiddos.

The exhibit will hang through Saturday, Feb. 21. Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday, 6-9pm, or by appointment.