I'm talking to myself

I realize no one is reading this yet, but I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know, if and when people do start reading this, I'm working on making it much less boring, visually.

Plus, posting even when no one's reading gets me in the habit of posting, making it much more likely that I'll continue to do so after this blog goes public on Wednesday.

Tonight: stops at TAC, Living Arts and the Neill Equality Center for new openings. Neill's gallery opening was last night, but Little Man and I did not make it. And, in my last column, I incorrectly reported that The Collective's new exhibit would be up tomorrow. I just found out it actually opened yesterday and I missed it. So I'll make a stop by there at some point this weekend as well. Tomorrow I'll be at the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse to review it's show "Rumors" by Neil Simon. Look for the review on Wednesday.