Here I go again... I mean, "Welcome!"

It seems like every time I talk to Steve Liggett, I get the brilliant idea to somehow try to cover more than I already do in the way of local arts.

A couple of years ago, Steve's insistence that I review gallery openings combined with my discovery of a really good arts blog written by some guy writing for some alt weekly somewhere in America inspired me to start a blog about local arts. I had been writing Arts Experienced for Urban Tulsa Weekly for a year and a half or so, and I was frustrated by the constraints of paper and ink. I wanted to offer local arts organizations more coverage. If you read that blog, you know I didn't do too well. I think I posted once.

So, will this time be any different? I honestly have no idea. I obviously believe enough in the concept to give it another shot. To be honest, at the time I started "Walleye" (the clever name I gave my half-hearted attempt of a blog), I didn't know much about blogging. I still don't know a lot, but I have become sort of obsessed with it in the last year. I started a blog when I was pregnant with my son to keep family and friends updated with baby news, and I've since taken to posting every minute detail of my adorable nine-month-old's life. I've also attempted to start a community blog that would explore sustainability issues in Tulsa, but I haven't done very well with keeping that up. Thing is, I'm really interested in sustainability issues in Tulsa--I just don't know much about them. I think there's a need for a blog like the one I tried to initiate; I just don't think I'm the right woman for the job.

And while I don't know everything about arts in Tulsa, I have managed to build some really great relationships with many of the members of the local arts community. And I love covering the arts. I work full-time now for the Tulsa Business Journal, and while I love what I do there, I also appreciate that I still have the opportunity to cover the arts through UTW, Intermission magazine and OVAC's Art Focus (the latter two new gigs I'm super excited about). So, while I'm sure there are plenty of folks in the area who could cover the arts much better than I can, no one else is doing it. I am. So there.

The coverage I provide for print publications is limited by two very tangible factors: paper and ink. Which basically equal money. Unfortunately, there's just not enough space in any of the publications I write for to cover everything. So, what I can't cover there, I'll cover here. And what I can't cover, I'll get someone else to cover (btw, if you want to be one of those "someone elses," hit me up at tulsaartblog@yahoo.com). I am a single mom, and being so means that, in some instances, I won't make it to something because my kid is more important. In other cases, it'll mean my kid and I are crashing your party. Hope your gallery is all-ages.