Battle Royal: Pick Your Princess

My friend Natasha is beautiful. She’s got this gorgeous, thick hair, virtually unblemished skin and pouty, full lips.

That’s why she’s going down.

There’s been some speculation that Tasha and I might very well be the same person. We’re both energetic gals about town with babies of similar age. We’re both writers, and we write mostly for the same publications. And we both like giving back to the community — especially when there’s a little competition involved.

Now would be a good time to assure you that Tasha and I are in fact very different people. But we want the same things: To raise lots and lots of money for Resonance Center for Women and to get a free makeover in the process. And I definitely need a makeover more than Natasha.

Resonance is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a support system for women facing life’s challenges. The organization was founded in 1977 by Eleanor Hill, who was suddenly widowed by her husband. She established Resonance in a house on the grounds of St. John’s Episcopal Church, and along with a group of volunteers, began offering services that included free listening sessions, on-going support groups and educational workshops.

Resonance provides counseling, substance abuse treatment, career and job services, resources and referrals. In total, Resonance has served more than 250,000 women and families. Each month Resonance receives 1,200 phone calls for information, appointments, or referrals, and serves an average of 350 clients.

Resonance is privately funded and receives no federal or state funding and is not a United Way agency. It is supported by individuals, foundations, corporations, churches, workshop fees and revenue generated by special events.

One of its top supporters is Marilyn Ihloff and Ihloff Salon and Day Spa. Annually, the Ihloff creative team hosts the Fall Collection, a high-energy fashion show that displays the team’s undeniable creativity when it comes to hair and makeup. The show, this year on Oct. 22 at the Tulsa Convention Center’s Assembly Hall, donates proceeds to Resonance and provides Resonance clients, as well as community members, with makeovers.

I want one of those makeovers.

And I’m willing to duke it out with my good friend and colleague in order to get one. But I need your help. (And so does Resonance.) We need you to donate money to Resonance in my name (or, if you like her better, Tasha’s name) between now and Oct. 14. The sassy lady who raises the most money for Resonance gets a makeover and to walk in the Ihloff Creative Team Fall Collection.

To find out the winner of the contest, buy a ticket to Fall Collection (more money for Resonance). The winner will be announced there. And, you’ll get to see whichever of us got the hot new makeover strut our stuff on the catwalk. And the other one crying alone in the corner.

You don’t have to donate a ton of money. $5, $10 or $20 helps. Everything helps. But if you want to give more, do it. Just do it under my name. You can donate via Resonance’s Facebook page here. Tell all your friends.

Follow @hwall, @tashadoestulsa and @ResonanceTulsa on Twitter and visit our Facebook pages to keep up with the competition. It’ll be good, I promise.


Tasha said...

Watch your back, Wall. Don't forget: I know where you live.

Holly Wall said...

Yeah, and you wish you lived there, too.

Amber said...

I want someone to post a link directly to the Resonance site where we can donate online. The online graphic flyers are too small to read, and I'm DYING to donate...guess who????

Nicole Nascenzi said...

This is a great idea ladies! Resonance is the real winner here :)

Holly Wall said...

Hey, Amber! You donate to Resonance's Facebook Causes site. Here's the link: http://www.causes.com/resonancetulsa
Then, you just tweet to @ResonanceTulsa or send them a Facebook message to let them know whose name you're making your donation in. Thanks for contributing! You know I love you bunches!

Marty Coleman said...

My new rumor is circulating ladies, you better watch out. I must be a Tashahollyc! That is who I am going to vote for.

Joy said...

Gomg, how am I supposed to pick twinxt the two of you?! That's witchery!

Robert Petril Jr said...

Your blog is great!

DecorQuips said...
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cyclefreaks said...

That picture is hilarious!! I want one too, dangit! :)

I have bookmarked the link and will donate...for HOLLY!

hwall said...

Thanks so much, Steph! I'm only $25 behind Natasha. At first, I thought, "It doesn't matter who wins because we're doing this for a good cause." But now, I really want to WIN!!

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