Everyone's a Winner!

Well, everyone who entered this contest is a winner, anyway.

Since five people entered, and I have five pairs of tickets to give away, you each get one! So, congrats to Jeff Martin, Matt Nightingale, Jeff Shaw, treygar and Lynda Clopp. And thanks so much for sharing your favorite fables! I hadn't heard any of those except one.

E-mail me at hollyx19 at yahoo.com to claim your prize. Thanks for playing, and enjoy the show!


Lynda Clopp said...

The show was fabulous! My husband and I enjoyed it so much! We are thrilled to have won tickets it made for a great date night. We even got to meet GrooveLily after the show and have then sign the cd's we purchased! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Jeff Shaw said...

Thanks. Ditto everything Lynda said except for the thing about her husband, getting to meet Groovelily, and having them autograph a cd. :)

What a talented and creative trio. I kicked in another ticket for my son, and we made a night of it. Screwed up people make good art.*

*the title to one of their songs that that my son loved.