Call to artists: Next/Now Art Show

From the horse's mouth:

TYPros is looking for talented Tulsa artists ages 21-40 to participate in the fourth annual Next/Now art show. Selected artwork will be displayed at the Gilcrease Museum Sept. 18-28 with a special reception on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Below is information about artwork submissions. The deadline to enter is Friday, Aug. 7. For questions about the show or submissions, contact Chris Oden, executive director of TYPros, at 918-560-0286 or chrisoden@typros.org.


Artwork will be submitted via e-mail (only one piece of art per e-mail). All media is welcome for submission. To be considered, please provide artist name, phone number, e-mail, title, media and price (if applicable) with each submission. Artists may submit up to five pieces for the show.

Hanging pieces should be no larger than 4' X 4' with a weight restriction of 25 pounds. Sculptures should not exceed 3' in height with a maximum base dimension of 20" X 20" and a weight restriction of 25 pounds.

When artwork is delivered, each piece must be ready to hang with wire or d-rings and framed if appropriate. Any special equipment must be provided by the artist. Pieces should also be prepared for transport.

Submission Information
Please send an e-mail with information and picture of artwork (maximum file size: 1 MB) to chrisoden@typros.org.

Important Dates
Aug. 7 - Deadline for submissions
Aug. 18-20 - Jury will review
Aug. 24-26 - Notification of selected works (via email)
Sept. 9 - Selected art provided to TYPros, 5-7 p.m., at Walsh Branding, 300 East Brady
Sept. 22 - Reception, 6-9 p.m., Gilcrease Museum
Sept. 29 - Artists pick-up artwork, 5-7 p.m., Walsh Branding, 300 East Brady

TYPros and the Gilcrease Museum are not responsible at any time for the loss, damage or theft of artwork. Submission of artwork constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to the conditions set forth in this prospectus and shall further include permission to reproduce work for publication. All art will be judged by a panel of experienced jurors.

Inclusion in the Next/Now art show does not constitute an endorsement of the artists' work by the Gilcrease Museum.

If someone is interested in purchasing your art piece, you will be contacted. The artist will be responsible for the sale including getting the artwork to the purchaser; however, artwork must be displayed at the museum for the duration (Sept. 18-29).

In order to enter, you must be 21 to 40 years of age and a member of TYPros. To sign up for free membership, visit www.TYPros.org.

Feel free to forward this call for entries to other YPs that might be interested.

Editor's Note: Local artist Grace Grothaus is involved in putting this on, and I know she's really trying to amp up the quality of the event. While I sometimes tend to disregard functions organized by TYPros, this one should be good. God, I sound like a jerk. Ha!


Lauren said...

Hello, Do you know if the TYPros are going to do this again in 2010?