Because I never have been very good at keeping secrets...

So, I was on the phone with Karen Greenawalt, talking about May's Blue Dome Arts Festival, when she let slip that the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa's Visual Arts Center, which anticipates completion in 2010, will, starting this Friday, be an active part of the Brady Arts District's First Friday Art Crawl.

The Visual Arts Center will, along with Philbrook's part of the Eugene B. Adkins Collection, inhabit the Mathews Warehouse, at 100 E. Brady, in the Brady Arts District. That combined with the number of galleries already occupying that area, means that the district will soon be a hub of arts activity in Tulsa. And, gallery owners there are already positioning themselves as such. Greg Gray, Tulsa doctor and owner of Club 209 at 209 N. Boulder started the First Friday Art Crawl a few months ago as a way to get people out and about, seeing and appreciating local art. Participating galleries timed their openings to coincide with one another so that wanderers can easily get an eyeful in one night.

This Friday's event marks the first Visual Arts Center "Baywalk," wherein the VAC will open up the north bay doors and allow artists to set up shop inside, spilling out onto the sidewalk as needed. The event is loosely coordinated by Greenawalt, who volunteered for the job, and allows local artists to bring their work and sort of "show and tell" -- and, of course, SELL -- at their leisure. Reservations are not required, but you can contact Greenawalt at 749-3311 for more information.

Below is a schedule of this Friday's activities and a copy of the VAC's call to artists. Please pass this around and share with the artists and art lovers you know!

VAC Baywalk
Mathews Building north bay and sidewalk
Various artists

Brady Arts Gallery
Artist Donna Prigmore
Pottery-making demonstrations

Tulsa Glassblowing Studio
19 E. Brady
Artists Elana Newman, Carson Smith and Lisa Fox
Glass blowing demonstrations

CFC Chocolatier
15 E. Brady
The Art of Chocolate: Patrick Aldred
Chocolate-making demonstrations

Tulsa Artists' Coalition Gallery
9 E. Brady
Conformity: Textile art by Kate Kline

Lola's at The Bowery
5 E. Brady
Off Route 66: Digital art by Michael Scruggs

Club 209: The Arts Bar
209 N. Boulder Ave.
Paradox: Multimedia by Joel Moore and Ken Balch

We’re starting a new tradition!

Bring easels, table, chairs, wine, food, candles…whatever it takes to set up your art to show and t/sell at the first ever Visual Arts Center Baywalk.

This is an awareness raiser at the future home of the Arts & humanities Council of Tulsa’s Visual Arts Center. It’s also a chance to show and sell your artwork as part of the Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl…and just generally have a good time!

Cost is FREE! A voluntary 20 percent of sales as a donation to build the Visual Arts Center is appreciated.

INSIDE SPACE IS LIMITED…but we’ll flow onto the sidewalks. Early arrivers will get premium locations. Set-up begins at 4pm. No need to RSVP, but please call or email Karen at 749-3311 or greenawalt1@sbcglobal.net with questions. Each artists may plan on about 8’x8’.

Self set-up, self clean-up. It’s our first time…let’s keep it simple…and fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey Holly. I received this e-mail earlier today and responded back to the AHCT asking why such short notice for an event that really deserves alot of build-up...any idea?